PressEnter! Dial-Up Access

All Dial-Up accounts at PressEnter Include:

Service Level Monthly Fee Setup Charge
Unlimited $16.95 None
Dedicated $99.95 None
Static $149.95 None

PressEnter! UNLIMITED* Dial-up
PressEnter offers unlimited access accounts to individuals for attended access. This service is available in many areas.

PressEnter! DEDICATED Dial-up
PressEnter can provide a continous connection for your dedicated use 24 hours a day, which can be networked for multiple users at your location.

PressEnter! STATIC Dial-up
PressEnter offers "always on" access and a single static IP address for Virtual Private Network users or those running low bandwidth e-mail or web servers.

* This single user account allows for four hour sessions with a twenty minute idle timeout.