Customer Testimonials

Here at PressEnter! we strive to provide the best service possible to our customers, here are some comments we have received from them.

"YOU GUYS ARE GREAT! I can't believe you already have the Stillwater Chamber website up and running. This is the fastest service I've ever seen, and we can't thank you enough. I'm very glad you are hosting our site, and I look forward to using your services for future upgrades to the program."
Jerry Brown from Stillwater, MN

"I've been with you since 1995 and have always been treated very well. Lately I have been getting very low connection speeds. Many people would probably complain that it was the ISP! In talking with one of your technicians he suggested my problem could be with the phone lines. The telephone company repair man found that my line was hooked to what is called a "bridge gap". This is a line that can run all the way down the street in both directions making it easy for the phone company to connect more phone lines. The Telephone Company repair man removed me from that line and I immediately was back to higher speed connections. Thanks to Mike and Steve for your help. You know what you are talking about."
Bob McDaniel from Roberts, WI

I've noticed a significant reduction in spam. My emails were running 100-150 per they're down to 20 or 30. It's been quite a dramatic change!"
Dale Jorgenson from River Falls, WI

"I became a PressEnter subscriber in July of 1995 and after almost 9 years I have to congratulate the entire staff on the reliability of their service, the excellent tech support on the very few occasions it was needed, and also for making ME look good in the eyes of the many individual and small businesses who took my advice and went to Pressenter for all their internet needs. Sometimes people ask how I've managed to stay with the same service for nearly 9 years. It's not rocket science- when you have a provider that is as reliable as PressEnter you just stick with it. PressEnter is the only provider I've ever known to offer superior Reliability and Support *and* a price that is below that of ISP's who don't have the reliability or the tech support that PressEnter has."
Chip Vierow from Woodbury, MN

"I just want to thank one of your excellent tech support people for helping me diagnose a modem problem I had this week. They went above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you. Knowing I can get help with the very simple problems that I don't understand is one key reason I have Pressenter as my ISP! I will keep recommending Pressenter to people looking for an ISP! You're the best!"
Heidi Doering from Roberts, WI

"Just a thank you, for your superb service over the past years. Your service staff has been more than kind when I used them to dig my way out of a mess when changing computers. Awesome service is #1 at PressEnter."
Robert Carroll from Lake Nebagamon, WI

"Just a note to thank you for the great service when I recently changed my email address so I wouldn't receive junk mail. The directions on the web site were very clear and when I called to get rid of my old address you were very courteous and helpful. Thanks Again"
Marge Dahl from North St. Paul, MN

"I want to say thank you to all the people at Pressenter for being so helpful to me and my friend while we were trying to set up internet service both on my new computer and on the old computer that I gave her. Everyone was so friendly, professional and helpful to two senior citizens who are not computer literate. Keep up the good work"
Nancy Hansen from New Richmond, WI

"We just switched from an ISDN to DSL connection with PressEnter. Due to the fact that our network hub in our office is near-antique status, there was an unanticipated bottleneck that bogged down traffic. The good news? Todd & Pete worked on tweaking our system so it would work well, until we are ready for the next hardware upgrade. Their service & dedication are appreciated! Like every other PE employee I've met, they are top-notch!"
Steve Leitch, The Leitch Agency in River Falls, WI

"I really like your webmail set up. We were gone for a month and to keep up on my mail, I joined the Library at Kapaa, Kauai, HI and was able to use their computers to get online with PressEnter and webmail. It really works slick. Thanks a lot."
Doug Torgerson from Hudson, WI

"The tech support from PressEnter is absolutely priceless. You all do a fantastic job - and you are all friendly too!"
Carole Mottaz from River Falls, WI

"Where I work, I train customer service, and use many examples, usually from larger corporations. It will be a pleasure to use a local business like PressEnter, and explain ways that your company works to "delight" the customer, and build an ongoing business relationship."
Susan from Ellsworth, WI

"When we lived in the Somerset area I was a PressEnter subscriber. We moved to Rochester, MN two years ago and had to connect with various another ISP's. We have yet to find another ISP that measures up to PressEnter. You always provided reliable service at a reasonable rate. One thing, in particular, that I liked about PressEnter was that, if had dug myself into a hole and was unable to get back out, I could always call PressEnter. A live person would promptly answer and correct my problems. With my present server, I have to go through several of their recorded advertisements and menus and then wait for sometimes 30 minutes before a live person answers. Their recordings tell me, "Your call is important to us.......," but the truth is obvious. If you ever move into the Rochester area, I'll be you first subscriber. You're still #1."
Lee Breuer from Rochester, MN

"Just a little note to let you know that your spam filter is great. I wish I had signed up a long time ago."
Warren Brown from Hudson, WI

"I just wanted to let you know that we get soooo many compliments on our website! Thank you! I hear it all the time. Just so you know what a good job you do!"
Stacy from Traditions Real Estate

"I've been a customer for better than 2 years now and the price hasn't changed. Bravo! In this day and age this is unheard of, as it seems businesses are all about the all-mighty dollar, and "Service" is an unknown word. You folks do a great job and I have, and will, continue to recommend you're services to anyone applicable."
Bob Walker from Prescott, WI

"Please extend my thanks for helping set-up my DSL connection on my Mac this past week. Great service! The speed is better than I expected. I have already recommended PressEnter! to several of my friends. Thanks again!"
John Hackbarth from New Richmond, WI

"I have had your services since 1999 and had to change to a local provider when we moved to Turtle Lake. When PressEnter became available in our area, I was so thrilled to get back with you. PressEnter is an awesome provider. Thanks for coming to our area.
Carol Richter from Turtle Lake, WI

"PressEnter has been a great ISP for the past few years and seems to be getting better all the time!"
Craig Colley from Hudson, WI

"I just wanted to thank you for helping me get PressEnter loaded. With the info that I had gotten over the phone, I was able to get it up and running right. Thanks again for your willing help."
Nell Conda from Welch, MN

"PressEnter has provided us with a quality service over the past couple of years. We have a particular appreciation for your accessibility, speed, and dependability. We could not have been better pleased with your company."
Aaron and Kate Cance from Eau Claire, WI

"We have been extremely pleased with PressEnter and would not hesitate to recommend the service to anyone. Thank you for providing a good service; thank you for having a service that is all that you promised it would be, at a very reasonable price. Now at last I understand why so many people enjoy e-mail and Internet!"
Kay Kruse-Stanton from Menomonie, WI

"Thanks to everyone there on your staff, for the service and the product you provide."
Ted Aronson from New Richmond, WI

"Just wanted to let you know that we are very glad we switched to your company! We can access when we want and received prompt help from your office during our transition. Thought you'd like to know you've got satisfied customers."
Pam & Ed Quinn from Hudson, WI

"Thanks to everybody who helped us with our new IMAC. It was greatly appreciated."
Joel & Karen Ditlefsen from Roberts, WI

"You people at PressEnter have it right: provide excellent tech support and customer service (i.e. real people who answer the phone and put one in touch with knowledgeable, polite help). Thanks for your great product and service."
Ann Jauquet from Hudson, WI

"As an IS professional, I am very aware of the problems that can cause technology to not function properly. It is a very special person who can take the time to work through the issues with customers and bring a happy ending to all."
David Babcock from River Falls, WI

"I truly appreciate not only your efforts to help my computer to working order today, but also for the friendly patience you displayed in offering me your assistance."
Eleanor Oltman from Ellsworth, WI

"I commend you and your crew on the timely and professional way in which you handled my situation. I shall have no problem to continue to recommend PressEnter as an Internet Service Provider that really is a SERVICE where high technology is delivered with high touchnology (people caring skills)."
B.G. from River Falls, WI

"We are very pleased with the customer service, the installation procedure, and the service itself. I have also recruited my brother to change his service to PressEnter. Keep up the good work!"
Steve Johnson from Somerset, WI

" I have been extremely satisfied with PressEnter at all hours of the day and night! Thanks for your great service! PressEnter is the best."
Kay Coletta from Lake Nebagamon, WI