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Due to an upcoming transplant I will be going though
a lot of testing and Dr appointments these next few months
so please don't be offended if your e-mail doesn't get
answered. I suggest you write to the WACMA support
group or my Sister Ann at

 Thanks very much!
Chip 6-06-08

What is Chiari, or "ACM" ? (pronounced Kee-AR'-ee)
What are the symptoms of Chiari ? 
Read about "Chips Excellent Adventure"
   It's a short documentary on my hospital stay, pre-op and post-op
Update: 11 years post-op and all is well
View a few photos taken during my surgery*
   (These are real- if you might be bothered by them, you may want to skip this part..)
1 month post-op photo  
The amazing "Lost Photo"  
Chiari patients & Success Stories  More! page 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Surgical success rates
Target Fixation- On the road and in your life 
Frequently Asked Questions 
Meet a few of my friends who have ACM 
Unused Medical Equipment?
Chiropractic & Chiari  Don't learn the hard way 
Join our Online Support Group 
Caution- try not to bonk your head, okay ?
Join the Worlds #1 Chiari Support Group Right Here
Get Your own Chiari Pillow

For more information on Chiari, visit:

World Arnold-Chiari Malformation Association

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* The medspeak description of the surgery is: a posterior fossa decompression with laminectomy of C1 and C2 and duraplasty.


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