Chiropractic Neck adjustments & Chiari: Like a match and a can of gas 

 After being involved in Chiari support for over 5 years, there are certain things that I've heard over and over. One of those things has caused enough concern to bring to attention.  Chiari patients who go to a Chiropractor only to come out in worse shape than when they went in. Their symptoms increased substantially. I've heard this time and time again.
 In some cases the patient didn't know they had a Chiari malformation at the time they sought chiropractic treatment. For those who do, there's no excuse. Most Chiropractors know enough to inform the patient that they will not do any cervical manipulation whatsoever on a Chiari patient.   There are others who will be more than happy to take your money if you'll let them. The results can be disastrous and devastating. It's not worth it.

 There are a few people who think there is a debate as to whether Chiropractic is okay for Chiari patients or not. There is no debate. A very few people think it's okay, and will tell you so. Unfortunately...they won't be there to help you or push you around in your wheel chair if you get hurt.

 If you're one of the few who think it's okay to go to a Chiropractor and have your neck twisted around, don't write me and try to convince me that it's safe. I've done my homework and have talked with hundreds of actual patients about this. It'd be nice if it were true, but it's not. I know the facts. It is not safe. It's a very risky proposition with the odds stacked against you. Yes, there are a few people who claim that chiropractic care has helped improve their symptoms. There are also a few people that claim they've been abducted or impregnated by alien beings. 

By the way, I'm NOT against Chiropractors, in fact I'm good friends with a local Chiropractor and I see him anytime my back gets sore. He can fix it every time, and he's fixed my back 3 or 4 times in the last 5 years. He's amazing. (Dr D. Porter) He also knows enough not to touch my neck, because he too knows the facts about Chiari patients getting their necks "adjusted". I've sent Chiari patients to see him. It's not that Chiari patients can't ever see a Chiropractor, it's Chiari patients can't have their necks twisted around. As long as the Chiropractor knows this, everything will be okay.  

2002 Chip Vierow