RETIREMENT in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Many people fantasize of the possibility of living or retiring on a Caribbean island only to let the fleeting dream slip away as an impractical objective. Yet, as the transportation system and the communication networks have evolved, the concept of changing ones life-style to the idyllic setting of a lush green island set in the deep blue hue of the caribbean is totally practical.

For generations Americans have flocked to Florida and Arizona and Southern California as a retirement setting. Now, the U.S. Virgin Islands, located a mere three hours by plane from the U.S. east coast, could offer a huge increment upward in "quality of life" to the couple seeking a marked change in their life-style.

There are many profound advantages for those viewing the USVI as a candidate for retirement, seasonal living or a simple change in life style. The differentiating characteristics of the islands when compared to traditional settings in Florida or Arizona or Texas would be:

One must also consider the disadvantages and practicality of acquiring real estate and relocating to the islands. As with all things in life there are trade-offs. Governmental efficiency is one compromise that comes with life in the Virgin Islands. Medical care considerations are another compromise one must make plans for. Depending on your mind set living costs may be a factor you need to plan into your strategy. Airfare costs to the islands are frequently high and can be an annoying expense if frequent travel to the mainland is in your plans. Islanditis, the concept of being confined to a relatively small geographic area can have a definite impact on some personalities. Public Safety is a question raised by many considering a change in life to the islands.

Island News addresses each of these areas of questions and helps you to understand the realities of making a move to the U.S. Virgin Islands. In each issue we have profiles of other couples who have made the move to the islands so you can learn from their experiences. As a new subscriber you will receive an analysis that recaps the economic and cultural considerations that you should take into consideration when deciding whether or not to make such a life change/investment in the USVI. Do not expect a glowing endorsement of island life as some sort of panacea, we give you the upside and the downside and we provide a tool to allow you to plan for those contingencies you will face should you "take the step".

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