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River Falls Community Food Pantry

Providing food, with respect and dignity, in times of need
to those in the River Falls Community

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River Falls Community Food Pantry Facts:

- We are a volunteer organization. We really value the contributions of our 40+ volunteers that keep the RFCFP running.

-We provide enough food to feed each household for 3 to 5 days per month. This is considered a supplement only, not a sustaining amount of food for the month. We serve only families in the River Falls School District.

- The Department of Agriculutre, local businesses, other nonprofits and our community donate 50% of our food.

- The other 50% of food that we distribute is purchased from Second Harvest Heartland, The Emergency Food Network, or local stores.

- Donations by food manufacturers to Second Harvest have gone down. This means that Second Harvest has to purchase food; therefore, our costs to purchase from this major source have gone up. Even so it is still very economical to purchase from Second Harvest.

- Our client numbers continue to rise, and at present we serve as many households in River Falls as the other six food pantries in Pierce County combined. In a typical month we have over 400 client visits.

- Many of our clients walk to and from the Food Pantry. This location is handicapped accessible and convenient.

-Because of increased operating expenses, increased food costs, and increased usage, the Food Pantry is continually seeking community support, especially during the months of November and December. Fortunately, donations are usually greatest during these months.

-The Food Pantry is focused on managing expenses strategically and is committed to serving families in River Falls for many years to come. Both Second Harvest and WestCAP use the River Falls Food Pantry as an example of how a local food pantry should be operated. We receive ongoing recognition from a variety of government agencies and local non-profits for our successful program.

-The following show the number of visits to the River Falls Community Food Pantry, and the amount of food that goes out into the community each year.

2017 Breakdown

2017 Visits
2017 Pounds Out

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