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The WACMA website is dedicated to the memory of Joshua Anderson and his grandmother Haydee Clark

Committed to the most accurate and current understanding of Chiari Malformations and treatments.

Our Mission Statement

Staffed by dedicated volunteers, the World Arnold Chiari Malformation Association (WACMA) is committed to providing heartfelt support, current information, and understanding to those affected by Arnold Chiari Malformations, Syringomyelia, and related conditions.

It is also our goal to raise awareness of Chiari, to communicate with and educate the medical community and those affected with the condition as to the complex nature of this disease, and how it affects the lives of those who know its name.

Our open forum for member discussions is the largest Chiari support group in the world and we are very blessed to have truly dedicated, caring, loving members who are knowledgeable and willing to share their experiences to help make your journey a more positive experience for YOU.  We welcome you to join us and be a part of our mission to "Help More People".

The WACMA site features our member recommended doctors listing, a variety of helpful articles, illustrations and general information about Chiari and related conditions, tips on dealing with symptoms, the largest database of archived information of any Chiari support group in the world, and more.  Most of all, it is the commitment of our members to help others and the opportunity to be part of the circle of love and support that happens here.  We help more people by sharing our experiences and knowledge and passing it on as a part of our mission in this life.

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********WACMA Salutes** Chip Vierow *********   for his years of dedicated service to WACMA and to the Chiari Community. May his legacy live on forever as we continue the mission in purposeful and loving service to others.

"Always think positive and Never lose your sense of humor."---------------Chip Vierow  09/02/60 - 11/06/08

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E-Mail:  AHood@Flamingohood.com or Ann@MedPillow.com.

or E-Mail: Mrs. Chip (Sandi) at email4sjustin@yahoo.com.

   Pray. Love. Think Positive. Serve. Be Blessed.

Buy Rachelle Briant's Chiari Book "The Angel Within Me" here!  (WACMA Recommended)

We also recommend "Contents Under Pressure" by Rafael (Ray) D'Alonzo and "The Chiari Book" by Dr. Oro and Diane Mueller.  Join the Group or call for further helpful information (like where to see fantastic educational videos on Chiari and related conditions or online Chiari surgeries) or to discuss your situation personally.  Ann Hood, Chiari Crusader.

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