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 Doctor Listings notes 

Please read this message carefully before continuing!

 A *star alongside a doctors listing means they have been recommended by 
either their peers, many patients, or are known to have expertise in the field of Chiari Malformations. 

This list of doctors has been compiled by our members. No one has claimed that these doctors are necessarily the best or most educated in the current understanding of Chiari. They have only been listed because at least one member has claimed to have had a good experience with them.

The list is not intended to serve any other purpose than to provide a starting point in your search for a competent and chiari-educated doctor. A listed doctor may not be the right doctor for you. It is of the utmost importance to thoroughly research any doctor that you consider visiting.

It is also strongly suggested that you learn all that you can about ACM and Chiari Syndrome before your first visit with whichever doctor you choose, whether he/she is listed here or not. By clicking on the World ACM Association home link below, you can begin your search for answers. Joining our support group and asking questions is perhaps the best way to get started on your search.

You can also utilize our list of questions to ask your doctor before considering treatment from him/her.  If your doctor fails to answer these questions to your satisfaction, thank him for his time, and continue your search for the right doctor for you.

Again, please do not trust any of the doctors within these pages for your treatment simply because they appear on this list. Find out for yourself.

If you have read this statement carefully, and you understand it,
please click on the link below:

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