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A Chiari and Syringo Prayer

I ask the Lord to help me, to guide me thru the day,
I ask the Lord to give me strength, to help me on my way.
I ask the Lord to help me thru, the pain I do endure, 
To help me bear my burdens, and keep my weak heart pure.
I do not ask "Why me Lord"? for surely there's a plan, 
For me and other's like me, even if we don't understand.
I said "Chiari and Syringo, Lord, have given so much pain, 
Have taken so much from me Lord , that I can not regain".
And then a voice within my heart, said, "Look at what you have,
An old life gone forevermore, with so much more to gain". 
"For a new life opened to you, Love, Comfort and true Friends".
"All understanding of your pain, and with you to the end". 
I really thought about this then, and felt my weak heart grow, 
For the Lord has Blessed me greatly, with something so many will never know.
A new life opened up to me, new Family, Friends, and Love,
To share my life completely, sending Prayer's, Comfort, Understanding, 
And true Love.
And then I said "Thank You Lord, for all you've given me,
For every pain I suffer Lord, you've sent a friend to me. 
For every cross I have to bear, I never bear alone, 
Because, friend's help me carry it, however far, or long.
Be with us all, and guide us Lord, as we journey thru this day,
Give us strength to be there for each other, in each and every way".
"Thank You Lord" 
By: Debi Risher 


My youngest daughter, you mean so much,
There's nothing more special then your gentle touch.

When I hold you so near, the love that I feel,
To me it's like nothing was ever so real.

I wish I could take away all your pain,
When you cry it seems all I do is in vain.

When you're able to smile it lights up my day,
If only those tears wouldn't get in the way.

In a very short time your pain should be gone,
I'm just so afraid at what might go wrong.

You're so little, so tiny, much too young for this stuff,
But with the way you endure, I know you are tough.

In the Lord I am putting all my faith and my trust,
There's no other choice, for that is a must.

You're my little angel, and I'll always love you,
And I see in your eyes that you love me too.

For: Danielle Jotzat
By: Vicki Maloney 8/26/97


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