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 MRI Scanning Methods

If your scanner doesn't have a transparency adapter, scan the MRI image while holding a flashlight, lamp, etc shining onto the MRI film from above (you may have to play with distance to get the best shot).  You also have to cover the film with some white paper, play with thickness and number of papers too. - my buddy and I did this and the results weren't bad. 

A couple more ideas on scanning would be to make your own light box or playing around with your scanner.

 Make your own light box 

 Pull apart you dining room table and cover the gap with a piece of the white "dropped ceiling" stuff. Put a shade less lamp on the floor under the dining room table gap.  Take a picture, either with a digital camera or with a regular camera


 Buy a stencil box for $12.00 at a craft store.  This is a very small box,  with a small light placed behind  the white cover.   If you do this, you  will only be able to photograph one view at the time.

 For this you will need a halogen desk lamp. Place your MRI on your scanner.  Leave your scanner lid opened.  With the  halogen desk lamp, follow the scanner light as it moves across the surface.  Your light and the the scanner light will be moving together.   A piece of white tracing paper can be placed on top of the MRI to buffer the  halogen light source. You will have to try it and play around with your technique but it can be done.

Don't forget, if you use the scanner method, save in JPEG, it takes up much less space on your computer and transfers faster.

 Find someone with a transparency adaptor for their scanner .....they are commonly used in print shops , newspaper offices and the like calling around may locate one . 

Put the MRI up to a well lit window and take a picture with a digital camera.


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